Monday, April 16, 2018

Carpe Penis-um

I was debating with myself which title was better, the one above, or "If you see a loophole, grab it and stroke it".

The other morning I woke up horny (what else is new- ha!) and I lay still waiting for the alarm to go off.   I'm not supposed to wake Master up.   Before the alarm went off, he got up to use the bathroom, so when he came back, first I snuggled up to him.  He snuggled back.  Then I started fondling his butt and he didn't stop me.  So I moved around to the front and began stroking his penis.  He mumbled something, I think it was "That's nice" so I kept going.   

He rolled over me and started fucking me right away.

It's a good beginning to any day!


  1. What a perfect cure for Monday blues!

  2. Love both titles! lol. Every day should start that way :)


  3. I love that title. Carpe Penisum... Seize the Dick!


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