Friday, April 20, 2018

Fit for Friday 12

Soooo, this week I didn't do very well.  I gained 2 pounds in fact.  I blame the weather induced gloom.  We had all kinds of fun plans for the weekend, which were mostly cancelled by 28 inches of snow.  Yes, that is right.  Over two feet of fucking snow.  Happy spring, right?   I shoveled a lot.  I went for few walks.  I ate pancakes and cheerios to my heart's content.

4/13  11 carbs, 20 minute walk, 1 hour of heavy cleaning

4/14  9 carbs, 15 minutes of snow shoveling

4/15  So many PANCAKES.   snow shoveling- a lot.

4/16  UGH.  

4/17  A whole box of Honey Nut Cheerios.  50 minute walk.

4/18  14 carbs, 30 minute walk (starting to worry, knowing FFF is coming soon.)

4/19 11 carbs,  40 minute walk

Next week: fewer pancakes, more walks.


  1. Bad winter, but now spring is going to start.

  2. That is crazy snow! Hope it warms up soon! Well done on the walks, and shoveling snow counts :)


  3. I had to laugh at your "A whole box of Honey Nut Cheerios" - even I know though it's not funny. I could just relate to it so much. Hope the weather gives you a break soon!

    1. Um, that was supposed to read "even though I know it's not funny..." but you probably knew that.

  4. i laughed at "starting to worry knowing FFF is coming soon" - i like how having to check in is keeping ME in check too. I try and get more exercise than i normally would so that I don't look too lazy during FFF updates.

  5. Oh that snow! I'm sure once spring actually comes things will be better!

    1. It's here now! We are having gorgeous weather and the grass is starting to come up even.


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