Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Two Teens

Our youngest turns into a teenager today!  Good gracious, how did that happen?

I had baby dreams again.  I've been having dreams of babies.  This one was almost a toddler, who was an absolute mess of stickiness and I was trying to get her clean.  Also, there was a birthday party going on in my dream, and pure chaos it was.

Today we are having a snow day, and I don't have to tell you how happy it makes the kid to have SNOW DAY for his birthday.  We are expecting 6-12 inches.  In April.  This does not make ME excited.   

This is our front yard today.



  1. it looks terribly cold. I have temperatures up to the mid 90s here. And it's so humid. argh.

  2. Its beautiful. I hope it melts for you soon!

  3. It looks beautiful, but I hope things warm up for you soon. Brr.

    Happy Birthday to your son!



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