Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Top 5 Thoughts I Masturbate To

1.  Serving at a perverted dinner party.  I'm naked. There are other slave girls there serving with me.  The guests and Master fondle as much as they want, and sometimes there is fucking.  Sometimes there is crawling and humiliation and being pissed on, having to eat on the floor.

2.  Being treated like a cow.  You may have seen those hucow cartoons or porn?  Yeah, that.

3.   Tentacles.  Groping.  ufff

4.  Remembering the last time Master was fucking/beating/fondling me.

5.  Images in my mind of watching Master fucking someone else.



  1. Wow, great fantasies :) Do you think some of them would be so enticing in reality? Some fsntasies are just that, we wouldn't do them in reality.


    1. Number 3 is never going to happen. However, the other two are at least possible. I would definitely be enticed. 4 and 5 are more replaying of memory than fantasizing.

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