Thursday, April 26, 2018

Survey Says

One thing my Master requires me to do for a little extra money is belong to a survey taking website.  I get paid (very little) to take each survey, but doing them consistently over a week can make enough to go out to eat at a restaurant once.  I get in trouble with my Master if I stop doing them consistently.   Normally they are extremely boring, but I love it when they have something to do with sex (naturally).   

One that I took a couple days ago was about my sexual response cycle and it had some questions about my last two times of sexual intercourse.   The sponsor was Brigham Young University, of all things!  The Mormons are wondering about my sex life!   

The most amusing part to me that the most recent time had been Sunday night, and was pretty normal for us, and nothing too unusual happened (or at least nothing I wanted to tell the BYU people about).  But the time before that was Sunday afternoon when we spent several hours engaged in threeway sex and BDSM.  I did mention both of those in my survey.  Hopefully they won't throw out my results for being "too out there".  :) :) 

My Master was curious about it, so he went and took the same survey Tuesday morning.  He made me kneel at his feet on the kitchen floor and suck his cock as he answered the questions.  I kept trying to peep up there and see what he was saying.  At least he didn't put down "I'm having sex right now" because I don't think they would have believed it. 

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  1. I usually hate surveys and try to avoid them. This one sounds interesting though, and I had to giggle at the sponsor. Would love to be a fly on the wall when they are reading your responses lol. Love the Master had you suck him while he did the survey.



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