Monday, March 6, 2017

The Best Part

I left out the best part of our night, according to Master.  He had taken me roughly on the floor after having me suck his cock while kneeling in front of him.  He fucked me deep and painfully until my body adjusted and accommodated him.  I love that.  He flipped me over then and had me lying on my back on the floor.  He bit me on the chest and I came without being commanded.   

I just asked him now to help me remember more details from Friday night, since he was sitting here at the table with me.  Instead he shoved his hand into the front of my jeans.   I was wiggling and making sounds, and he asked if his roughness hurt.  I said that it did, and he just said "Good", then he made me come.  Helpful! Inspiration, anyway.   But then he had to go to work, after having me suck him quickly. 

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