Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Tuesday morning Mystique had invited me to go out Pokemon hunting and walking with her by the river.  I figured I could do this while Master was sleeping, and he gave me permission. 

 First though, I wanted to make him a nice breakfast.  I got all inspired by the Great British Baking Show, but to make it low carb I used some flavors from a tart one contestant made to flavor an omelet.  It had fresh basil, Asiago cheese and feta cheese, along with the regular spicy sausage and onions.  It turned out fantastic (I ate my part), but then Master was late getting home, so I was fretting over whether the omelet would still be any good and if I could still go out.

Then the older kid sent me a message saying he forgot his school computer and would I bring it? 

A little more anxious fretting.

Then Master got home, ate, went to bed, and I headed out to the park, after stopping by the high school.  It all worked out fine, after all, whew!

It was a beautiful day for being outside.  I almost didn't recognize Mystique because she pulled up on her new motorcycle instead of the car that I was looking for.    I have named it BikeyMcBikeface.  Good name, huh?

Anyway, when we got done with our walk/Pokemon hunt I went home and hopped straight up to the bedroom.  Master asked me to get naked and crawl in bed with him.   He fingered me to a couple-three orgasms and I sucked his cock.  He had me put the butt plug in.  Then he said to grab a towel and come down stairs with him.  He watched porn on the computer while I knelt on my towel and pleasured him.   After a long bit of that he fucked me just a few times in and out as I bent over the counter.  He had me fetch the cutting board paddle and he spanked me hard with it.  He ordered me to kneel in front of him and he spanked me some more.  It hurts even more from that angle, coming straight down!

Soon he was ready to go back upstairs and get me into flogging position.  I asked if I could wear the hood and he said yes.  He fastened it on me and gave me a really nice flogging.  When he turned me around and did my front I still couldn't see a thing (hood), and that sharp sting on my nipples was pretty intense.  I started cringing away and trying to bring my hands up in front but he sternly ordered me to put my hands behind my back and stick my chest out for the rest. 

Then Master guided me to the bed carefully and I lay down on my back.  He fucked me and after a while brought me the vibrator.  It was strange moving from position to position using only touch to find my way.  I really love the hood though.  It takes me to another place sometimes, especially when he fucked me from behind at the end. 

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