Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Money, Again

On Saturday Master and I went to the big city to meet up with some friends for dinner, and also a little shopping.  There is a rocks and minerals shop that Master said would be fun for many of us, so that is where we met.  I had a great time there touching and looking at everything.  I love the feel of polished rocks.  I have a small collection of them still from when I was a kid.  They had everything from cheap little polished rocks and glass beads to very expensive jewelry.   

At one point when people were deciding what to buy I asked Master if I could get something too. 

He said it was fine, as long as I spent under $20.   I ended up not finding anything I wanted for that budget, but I was thinking later about our interaction and how no one even batted an eye at it. It wasn't like we were talking quietly or anything.  It made me wonder. 

To me, as a slave, him controlling the financials and money in the household is completely natural and expected, but I realize in many relationships this would be a hard limit, or something they wouldn't like at all.  I kind of like it, even to the point of getting warm fuzzies. 

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