Saturday, March 25, 2017


Sometimes the littlest events can turn into more fallout than you'd ever expect.  

If you read my very long "What Happened" post, you know what happened.  But the background stories are ever so much more complex and full of human drama.  I am not going there because it isn't my business.  Suffice to say, there is always a background story when things blow up.

The fallout for us, and for the group, is as follows:

Terrible things were said to and about myself and my Master.  The people who said those things are no longer welcome at our home for any reason.   As the saying goes "With friends like that..."

One of those people was using our barn (free) for a woodworking shop.  All that stuff is gone now after Master told them to leave if they couldn't muster up even a teeny bit of politeness.   No space for wood working is available any longer.   Guess who is going to get the fun job of cleaning up the huge mess they left?  Me, of course.  I didn't expect them to clean up the barn after themselves because I have lost a little bit more faith in humanity and gained an extra grain of cynicism. 

Our home is no longer available for any munch, party or kink activities for the group.  We in the past hosted several things each year, some kink and some vanilla parties.  Not any more.  

Mystique has cancelled all munches for the summer.  Usually these would have been held outdoors at our house or other members houses.  They may or may not resume in the fall.

Master and I are no longer attending munches, even if they resume in the fall.  I am not a member any more.  He made this decision due to the risk when people start being disagreeable and possibly vindictive, and also this was supposed to a fun thing for us.  If it isn't fun, what is the point?

 I was rather expecting to hear that we weren't going back even before he told me, but this is the hardest part for me because I still really like most of the people in the group.   He is still really angry at the things which were said by people that we really and truly believed were our friends, and especially how I was treated.  He is very protective of me.
I really looked forward with huge anticipation to often the only kinky gathering we attended each month.  But, you know what, nothing lasts forever.  We will move on to other things.

 So, those were the facts.  Then we get to my emotions, which are huge in my mind but probably completely irrelevant to everyone else.   Sad, hurt, angry.  That pretty much covers it.  Maybe a little scared of what might happen in the future, too.  I feel terrible for Mystique because she didn't deserve any of this mess either and it is very hard on her, as a most generous and caring person.

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  1. drama sucks, no doubt about it. I'm sorry you and he are having to deal with it. There is something to be said for timing, I've learned, and most groups do tend to have an expiration date, especially when you get someone who's really good at being a "drama bomb" and blowing things up and getting everybody stirred up, which is what it sounds like happened here.

    Things may still blow over, few months down the road, another thing I've learned is that it's hard to maintain "righteous indignation" at a feverish pitch for long. People will miss the fun, the get togethers, the good parts of what you had before the drama bomb went off. But in the mean time, you've learned which people are really mean/vindictive at heart, and which people are perfectly fine mooching off you while showing their true colors and nobody needs that shit in their lives. Purge the bad, to leave room for the new and improved. "If it isn't fun, what is the point?" Can't fault that logic.


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