Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Tuesday morning Master came home and slept while I dealt with my angst.  He'd asked me to wake him up at 11:00, so when the time came I went up and crawled into bed next to him.   Angst or no angst, a naked cuddle is good.  Or more than a cuddle.  Very soon he was banging me with his fingers, then he got up and told me to get my butt plug in.   I did this (it is going in much easier now that I've been practicing regularly) and then played with myself a little so I'd be still ready when he got back.

He took the leather strap out of the drawer and beat me all over, front and back, with it. When he did my tits with it I had to use all my willpower to keep my hands out of the way and not block the strap.  He tied my wrists and had me suck him while he continued to work on my ass with his hand.   He fucked me and it was amazing and tight and almost but not quite painful with the plug in my ass.  When he took me from behind that did hurt as he slammed in hard, and then he had me be on top, and he gave me many orgasms and slaps to my chest.  

We just had a few minutes to cuddle before we had to get going.

After we had showered up we went to his hair cut appointment, then out for a late lunch at a Thai Noodle shop, then we walked around downtown catching Pokemon and looking at antique shops. He bought a knife there with an interesting design. It was really nice and relaxing.    


  1. Are you doing q and a month? Bloggers seemed to have forgotten about it 🙊

    1. I did forget about it. I am totally up for any questions, though.


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