Monday, March 13, 2017

Back To Kink

Not that we stopped having kinky sex this week, but I haven't been writing about it.  The whole friends issue has been going round and round in my mind, even when I try to sleep.  I just want to dump it from my brain.  sigh.  Hate this so bad.

Anyway, Sunday morning I approached Master after breakfast and asked if I should I get my shower then or if he wanted to make me more dirty first.  Flirting.  :)  He took me upstairs. He ordered me to put the butt plug in and then he beat me with the cane, first the willow one, then the misery stick, the arrow cane and more willow.  He tied my hands together and had me suck him.   When I was good and beaten he fucked me for a long time.  I loved it. 

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