Monday, June 12, 2017

Ever Had This Happen?

I found out I was telling the story all wrong.

It was the 20-something year old story of how we got engaged. The other day we were talking about... I don't remember what... and Master happened to mention a crucial bit of the story that I had completely forgotten, so I'd been telling how he proposed to me all wrong this whole time.  After he mentioned it, the memory came back to me and I knew he was right.  

I feel oddly guilty about this, like I should go back to everyone I told the story to and say, "Actually, it was like this, not what I said before".  I know they probably weren't paying attention that closely and most likely don't even care, but somehow I feel all wrong about it. 

The bit I left out was that before he'd even asked me to marry him we were at a big party at school and he just started introducing me to everyone as his fiancee.  I think I just accepted it like "Of course I am."   Later on he actually asked me, with a ring and everything, and that was the part that I remember.   


  1. Type A personality? Maybe thats why u feel almost compelled to go back and "fix" the story. I feel the same way about most things. Lol. No need to tho. Still, what a confident chap!!

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't really be able to, because I don't remember where and when I told it anyway. Somewhere on the internet, oh well...

  2. I've had this happen, not with an important story like that per se, but I do immediately want to go back and fix it. Find everyone I ever spoke to about it and get a do-over, when that is impossible!


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