Monday, June 5, 2017

Swap and Whipping

This weekend we had some dear friends come visit us and had a fantastic time visiting with them.  They are also a M/s couple, though their relationship works differently than ours in some ways (don't they all?), they are also CNC.  They are mentioned here as Travis and Wolfmoon.

On Saturday afternoon the kids went to see a movie and we were able to play. We swapped, and  I got a good whipping.  :) It hurt, but I loved it.  

How my back looked right after:
 How it looks today:

Master had a long scene/playtime with her, which I watched from about halfway through, or so.  It looked really fun.

They spent the night and in the morning we made breakfast together.  We spent a lot of time sitting out in the yard, chatting and enjoying the weather, and playing with the puppy.  Then we went down to the river and walked.  It was just a gorgeous day!


  1. Gosh - looks like it was a whipping expertly delivered! Glad to hear you had great weather to sit outside. It's been too hot and humid in where-i-live.

    1. Definitely! Travis has been teaching bull whip classes for many years. I am one lucky girl.

  2. Oh lord, your back! I love the shot while it is still red, and then also after the initial sting fades, leaving those other marks!


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