Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Master asked me if I wanted to play a fun new game today. I was on my knees at the time, my mouth wrapped around his cock.

"Ok" I mumbled around it.

"What was that? Ok?? What do you say?"

I corrected myself "Yes, Master."

He told me my new command to orgasm for now was going to be "shiny".   I just had to believe it would work, and it would.  

"Yes, Master", I repeated.

He had already beaten me hard with the paddle and was still using the belt on me as I was on my knees in front of him.  On top of my already bruised and welted ass from Saturday's activities, this was quite painful.  I had squirted all over the floor, and while I was cleaning it up, he kicked me in the ass and cunt. 

I kept sucking.  He kept hitting me with the belt.  Then he began to sing:


This song!   The first few times the word came up he hummed through it.  I grimaced, licked my lips, and my cunt clenched a little each time.  But I didn't come yet.  When he finally said the word I convulsed and squirted again.

He took me to bed.

He began making up new words for the tune- I can't remember all of them now but they were much naughtier than the original version.  One of them was "Now it's time to beat your hiney".


  1. You are SHINY!
    as you glisten from your cum.

  2. Your Master is so creative and so much fun...hugs abby


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