Friday, May 11, 2018

FFF 15!

5/4  34 carbs, 1 hour of walking 

5/5  I was sick.  No walking, probably some carbs but I didn't write them down.

5/6  47 carbs.  I had an apple turnover.  20 minute walk and then 30 minutes, both pretty slowly since I wasn't feeling that great.

 5/7  15 carbs, finally getting it back down there.  20 minute walk.

5/8   A bunch of food, not really sure.  20 minute walk.

5/9  I forgot to write anything, and it rained so I didn't walk.  Plus my stomach felt weird and Master told me to eat a bagel.

5/10  14 carbs,  30 minute walk. Another 45 minute walk. (cramming for the test?)

I'm exactly the same weight as last week, so that is good, I guess.


  1. It is GOOD.....not a gain...and your body is adjusting....hang in there! hugs abby

  2. Hi Ancilla,

    I'm with Abby, stable scales IS good. Sorry you have been under the weather this week and hope you are feeling better.


  3. Stable is good, glad you're feeling better. You crack me up when you have entries like "47 carbs. I had an apple turnover." Simple and too the point. :)

  4. Hey - When you can stay stable while under the weather, you are doing great!

  5. Hope you're feeling better now Ancilla. That is good you are the same weight, well done.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  6. get better soon. 'no gain' is a win! hang in there.

  7. I'll always take maintaining as a plus! Good job!


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