Sunday, October 11, 2015


Yesterday we got to go to the Exploratorium at Satyricon, and then dinner with friends, a little used book shopping and then a play party.   It was a wonderful day, except the part about me not having the name or address of the place we were going and relying on "Oh, I've been there, I will remember once we get close".  It always works fine for me, but regrettably I tend to forget how Master hates it.  I was only off by a couple blocks but wandering around looking for it pissed Master off to no end.  Yeah, I got punished in a weird way.

Mystique was doing the fire demos at the Exploratorium (an educational event where you can try many different things with presenters), so I was quickly nabbed to be the first victim there, to get others brave enough to give it a try.  Master told her to be sure to be extra mean to me.  The fire can be done in a mean or a rather nice way, and Mystique knows all the ways.  There was no Cooter of Death though, because site rules say bikini areas had to be covered. 
I lay there smiling in bliss, but I think I should have screamed more just to give a good show :).

Next Master took me down to the needle area, because I'd been expressing interest in trying that.   I sat down, a bit nervous, and she suggested my arm, to avoid getting my white shirt bloody.  How did they feel?  Well, a lot like needles going through my skin, funny thing that.
  I didn't watch, but followed directions to breathe in and out, and it really was just a little prick and then it didn't hurt anymore.  She waited a bit after each one to see how I was doing.  After a couple needles went in, Master didn't feel so good and left the room, saying I could get as many as I wanted, or stop with what I had.  I asked for a couple more, then figured four was enough.  I was getting some endorphins going, and I wasn't really sure about stopping or keeping going.  We played with them some, wiggling and poking and so on, then I was ready to have them out.  It didn't really hurt anymore, though.   Master was back and when she asked if I wanted them out the mean way or the nice way, he said be mean.  This was my punishment.   The mean way made me see stars.  There was some twisting.

There was a beat down demo group (wrestling) which Master and I had great fun with.  It is pretty comical when I try to do the wrestling holds on him, given our difference in size and strength.   He wrestled me down and spanked me a few times, and I sat on his head, using the gripping thighs of Doom hold!  

I also got half mummified in plastic wrap at another station.  I got all floaty-happy just from the very tight restraint, and then Master punched me some, and I was really extra happy.   Hot inside all that plastic, but happy.   

To Be Continued...




  1. "cooter of death" sound almost disappointed by that!

    So are needles something you would like to explore more of?

    1. Not unless I play with someone that really wants to do them. Master's reaction was a big giant no, Mystique is also not interested, so probably not. Though I'm not opposed.

    2. Disappointed by no cooter of death? Hmmmm, not exactly lol.


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