Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Schedule, and Humiliations Galore

Master's schedule at work has changed, which means my schedule changes.  He now has Tuesdays off, which means much more free alone time together than we've had in the past years.  
I'm beyond thrilled!

Today he re-worked my chore schedule to free me up on his day off and move the things I'm required to do to the other days.   

We had to wait until the repairman came and left this morning (we might be buying a new fridge), but then much of the middle part of the day was spent in debauchery.  He watched porn while I pleasured him.  I wore the butt plug.  He caned me while I was on my knees.

  There was a lot of humiliation for me today, starting off with being told if I wanted to be fucked doggy style I was going to have to sound like a dog: bark, whine, howl.  I did it, too.

That was only the beginning.  The next humiliation was hot, but very personal.  The one after that hit me hard directly in old emotions and I cried.  He said terrible things to me.  He made me agree with him and repeat them back to him, even as I cried and protested, as he slapped me for protesting.    These things are good for me.  I'm his slave, I shouldn't protest.  But sometimes the struggle is the point.  

After that he fucked my ass.  It was all incredibly hot.  My butt is still feeling very well fucked.  We got up to shower right away since it wasn't all sparkly clean there (details redacted) and he marked me as I knelt in front of him in the shower.  

I washed him. 

He reassured me that I was all good.  

I know, Master, I do know.  

I love you too.


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