Friday, October 2, 2015

Just a Thursday Night Bliss

I have no bruising on my chest and yet it aches with every movement.  It feels puffy to touch.  But no bruises except for a tiny blue spot.   I was complaining about my lack of visible marks and he says he did it that way precisely on purpose.  So, that's ok then.  It's what he wanted.

Last night I gave him foot rubs and back rubs, then after the youngins were asleep, he let me suck his cock while he watched porn.  He asked if I felt very ignored. 

"Yes, Master," mumbled around his dick.

 I did, but in a purposely disregarded and kinda hot way.   I enjoyed being an instrument for his pleasure.  I wasn't even thinking of my own wants (for a change) but he took me upstairs and tied my hands behind my back with a rope harness which tightened painfully on my sore chest.  That little pain sent me spinning into near subspace territory right there.   

Master pushed me into the bed and fucked me all the ways.   When he was on top of me he punched my chest again, over and over, right in the sore spots from Wednesday night.  I do so love receiving pain from him.   Pleasure and pain, exploding through my body.   I can come just from being punched, even when he doesn't give the command, even when I don't mean to.   I don't get in trouble for these orgasms though.  He enjoys making me come even when I was trying to hold off.  

When he's done with me, my body is ragdoll-loose.  My arms fall completely pliant across the bed as he manipulates my body to remove the ropes.  



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