Monday, October 12, 2015

Some Ranty Rants

In case some of you non-parent type people were wondering, having kids is at least 50% worry, 40% irritation and 10% heartwarming sweetness.   We try to focus on the 10% to keep sane.  

Smaller kid had a project due today, which I reminded him about Friday, but of course he didn't start it until 4:00pm Sunday when I said he absolutely had to start NOW.   I thought it might take a few hours but be done by dinner.... noooooo.  This is the kid with ADHD.  He took one look at the project and went into full scale crying temper tantrum meltdown.  I told him he could go to his room until he calmed down.  He came back down after a bit and Master helped him on the project while I made dinner.  
Kiddo took a brief break for dinner, and then I took over the helping role so Master could watch the Walking Dead, but at almost 9:00 he was still working on it.   Then he told me he also needed 10 photographs of specific things to go with it.  

That's what I get for not reading over his directions carefully.  I might have sort of kind of gotten extremely crabby and snapped at Master, who HAD read the directions, for not telling me about the photos.  Thank goodness for Facebook.  I took most of them from there, and the rest from photo albums.  

We finally had to send the kid to bed at 10 so he could get enough sleep and Master and I finished up the cutting and pasting, which I swore I'd never do (finish up one of the kids' projects for them).  And yet there we were.   He had at least done the hard part, which was the writing, with much interspersed despairing and complaining.

Then of course I was called on the carpet for being rude to Master. Arg.

This morning I had many, many things on my to do list.  I was feeling over tired, nerved up and twitchy.   There was supposed to be a herding client coming and I got every thing all set for her (brought in sheep from the pasture and sorted them) while feeling extremely sub-droppy, only to have her not show up. Grrr, people.

   Master had told me I could nap, because I was exhausted still this morning, but there just wasn't time. I figured out the time schedule for the day and there were only brief non-nap sized chunks of time available.  I did laundry and swept the house.  I walked two miles. 
 I put the sheep back in their field.  I went to the dry cleaner and grocery store, put groceries away and then it was time to start dinner.

A wind had come up and knocked a tree on the power lines, so just as I was getting things ready to go in the oven the power went out.  I know how to light the burners without power, but wasn't sure about this oven, so I changed the meal plan all around at the last minute.   The power came back unexpectedly fast, but too late for using the oven.   

Anyway, it's 5:30 and I'm longing for my bed and hiding under the covers. Tomorrow is another day, right? 


  1. That 10% is hard to hold onto. A little bummed that that percentage doesn't go up with age.

    1. I'm hoping as they grow out of "cute" it turns into pride in what kind of adult they grow into.

  2. I hope today is going better!

    I'm really not looking forward to all that homework stuff--we only have to read for 15min.

    1. Soooo much better today- just finished the new blog about it.


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