Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Naked in the yard!

After he'd had enough cock sucking, and I'd been paddled a bit with the cutting board, he took me out in the yard. I was still totally naked.  He was wearing his robe.   

"Squat and pee", he said, pointing to a spot in the grass.

I felt hot humiliation creeping over me, but I didn't hesitate.  

When I was finished, he pissed over top of the spot I'd used.  As I was standing there watching he told me to come.   

It's different when I do this act and when he does it.  I guess because I've been ordered to do it, and the way he looks at me.  And I'm naked.  And I have no choice.  All this makes it an entirely different, more humiliating, experience that just peeing outdoors behind a bush when I'm out hiking.  I guess it just shows that it is not the act, but the intention behind it that determines the meaning of it, and how one feels doing it. 

Which also directly applies to when he was eating my pussy after fucking me a little later on.  He really enjoys that.  I do sometimes, too. 



  1. You almost made me want a yard again.
    With you on it being about the intention...definitely the intention/feel for me when it comes to humiliation play.

  2. I agree it is all about the intention...and i bet you do sometimes too.......
    hugs abby

  3. "I do sometimes, too". Maybe just a little? :)

  4. Oh gosh, I couldn't imagine how humiliating, but I love the symbolism of him peeing over your spot.


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