Saturday, December 10, 2016


If I am lucky, this is how my morning looks:

Master's alarm goes off at 5:30.  He gets up to take a shower.  I drag myself out of bed a few minutes later, undoing my own leash and replacing the night collar with the day collar.  I make the bed right away most times.

I head downstairs and start making breakfast.  I have been making scrambled eggs with fried onions and sausages most days this week, on Master's specific request.  Coffee for me and tea for him.

After we have eaten I clean up the dishes, unloading and reloading the dishwasher.  He goes to get dressed.  I drink my coffee. 

Here is the "If I am lucky" part:

He comes back to the kitchen and tilts my head back for a kiss as I am doing the dishes.  His other hand fondles me under my robe.  He stands back, undoes his belt buckle.  I immediately go to my knees.  Yes, I am a cocksucking whore, Master!   He takes his dick out and I suck it briefly, then he pulls it out of my mouth and dries it on my hair.  To accomplish this, my head must be pulled into an attitude of submission, matching my feelings.  

He uses the loose end of his belt to slap my face half a dozen times, not terribly hard as there is no momentum.  Just a reminder.

Then while he puts his pants back right he tells me to show my cunt.  I already know this means I have to lie back on the floor and spread it.   When he tells me "Ok, good girl" I can get up again.

Then I get all my winter things on: snow pants, boots, gloves, and parka to go out and open and close the front gate as he drives through.  One more kiss, but no flashes this time.  It is hovering around 0 degrees this morning.  

The dogs romp around me on the way to the barn, where I get the sheep all fed and watered before I head back in to my waiting coffee cup.  

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  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend a morning to me! =D


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