Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Furnace Needs Maintenence

Tuesday morning I had scheduled the furnace guy to come out and do our yearly check up bright and early, about the time when Master got home after working over night and was eating breakfast.  

This young guy was down in the basement doing his thing and Master was at the kitchen table.  He kept calling me to his side to pull up my shirt, tweak my nipple until I squeaked, or ram a hand down into my pants.  He made me flash him and was constantly on the verge of embarrassing me. It's really obvious when someone comes stomping up the basement stairs, though, so I could quickly scoot back to my side of the table with my paper and coffee.   

After the guy left, he wasn't out the door two seconds before Master commanded me "Upstairs, naked, now!"

I hopped up there as fast as I could.  

Master told me to find a story in our book to read to him. I grabbed the vintage erotica.   They can be so cute and quaint and yet extremely vulgar!  I picked a random one and read it to him, and then he read my favorite to me.  I might share it in a blog sometime, but just as a hint, it involves a lascivious priest and his penetrated penitent and her voyeur friend.  And it has spanking.

While he was reading, he pushed my head down to his cock.  He gave me some kisses and licks also during my turn.  He began fucking me, then stopped and said I ought to have a flogging first.  Yay! He told me to get up and then said "You know what I want". 

I didn't, but I made a guess, "Stand over here?" pointing to my dresser.

"No, what do I want you to do?" he asked, smacking me with the cane.

"Whatever you want, Master?" I guessed again.

"What do I demand", he was getting more insistent and again with the cane.

I danced from one foot to the other. 

If that wasn't the right answer, I just didn't know, so I said "I don't know, Master".


I repeated the word a dozen or so more times with emphasis from the cane on my behind each time.  Part of the time I was kneeling with his cock in my mouth and it sounded more like "Obethsis".

I was sitting on my feet, but my toes stick out behind, and one of the cane strikes came down hard on my little toe.  I cried out, let go of his penis and sorta fell to the side.  You know how it hurts when you really bang your pinkie toe into a brick or furniture?  Yeah.

I up-righted myself immediately and went back to my work.  He continued to use the cane, I cried, then he pushed me down to my hands and knees, I cried some more.  It was hot.  He flipped me over and drew my legs straight up so he could use the cane on the backs of my thighs, then fucked me again. 

Then he stood me up and flogged me, and I received more caning.  

Into the bed for more fucking and some intense orgasms, along with tit slapping, then he knelt at my head as I was lying on my back and he decorated me with come.  He wiped the tip on my face and tongue, which was nice.  

 I asked if he wanted a picture, and he did, so here it is.  I went to get cleaned up while he took a nap.


  1. Great pic and a great/hot story too - thanks for sharing guys!
    And I'd love to read that vintage erotica story too, it sounds quaint!

  2. Hi ....


    where are you ? Eight days no message from you ? I miss you ... !

    Michael from Germany, Hamburg

    1. I really neglected the poor blog! I was on vacation. I will have to write something, heh?

    2. Yeah, you'll have !

      ... and by the way : my best wishes for you and your familiy 2017 !

      Michael from Germany,Hamburg

  3. That thrill of almost being caught. Id panic if I actually WAS caught though! Love the picture.


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