Monday, December 5, 2016

Master/slave Talk, plus caning

Saturday was our local munch, and the topic was Master/slave relationships, a discussion led by my Master.  I was not so much a prop this time (last time I had to do stupid slave tricks), but just a listener, occasionally adding comments.  There were lots of questions, and the discussion went for almost two hours, so that was really good.  I enjoyed it.

 I was the only person there who is a slave. 

He passed around my list of rules again and one friend asked where was my list of limits, why wasn't it written on the back?  

I said I didn't have one.  There was some discussion of limb lopping and other crazy shit.  That doesn't even fall in the same category as barbed wire floggers, or other messy blood play, imo, which was also brought up.   I have my own theory on why people jump to limb lopping or other horrible things immediately when they think of anyone having no limits.  I didn't get a chance to say it at the munch, unlike the last time Master gave this talk, because the discussion quickly went a different direction.

My theory is that every potential slave has some action or activity that they secretly dread being ordered to do.   But it is something that other people in BDSM land actually do, and thus they are afraid to come out with "But what if he made me drink pee? (I must have limits)" and look like a fool, because a lot of people do drink piss and are fine with it.  It's not dangerous unless that is ALL you get to drink.  Then you die of dehydration, slowly.  But as an add on it is fine.  There is nothing wrong in my opinion with simply stating that you have limits.  Most people should have limits, especially if they are new-ish.

So instead they say things like "But what if he wanted to cut your arm off?"   Anyone who wants to cut your arm off for real is not going to ask first if it is on your limits list, they are just going to do it.  Limits in that case are totally pointless. 

Kick 'em in the nuts and run.

In my opinion, a limits list is for things that are within the realm of possibility that a partner could want, but that you just don't want to do.  And that is totally fine, if that is the way things work best for you. 

 I'm sure no one there at the discussion could fathom the attraction of being made to do things I don't actually want to do.  It's a particular kink, and I have it, and a lot of people in the community don't have it and don't understand it. 

 That's ok too.  There is room for everyone and every kind of kink.

We don't have to all be the same- how boring would that be?!


That was pretty much it for us and kinky fun until Sunday night.  We had a lot of fun doing other stuff together, like walking in the first snow of winter and baby sitting a friend's puppy.


 I wasn't sure what would happen until I was waiting in my kneeling position on the floor and Master came in, walked around, but didn't immediately tell me to get in bed.  That was my first clue that he might want something more that sleep.  Then he had me remove his socks and underwear for him.  I sat on my feet with my head lowered until I got the next order.  

"Get in bed and turn on the lamp".

I turned on the light, hopped in bed, and tucked myself under the covers.  To be totally honest, I only did that last bit because it is so hot when he rips the covers back from me. 

He began telling me I was his cunt, his hole for fucking, and he took me right then. I was already wet for him.  He wrapped my leash around my wrists and snapped it to my collar.  He had to push my arms up out of the way since his view of boobs was blocked.  After he finished fucking me, I wasn't coming often enough for him.  I had at first, but then the orgasms were running out, I did not come on command, so he said he'd have to beat me.

Oh no! Anything but that! Not the briarpatch (grin)!

 The first few strikes of the cane were hard and I flipped around, looking at him and trying to twist away.  This is not something I consciously plan, it is a reaction.  He ordered me down flat again and I bit the pillow to try to be quiet and also have an anchor point to stay still.  

It was a wonderful beating and I did come, and then I asked for more (beatings, not orgasms).  Most times the pain is more important to me that the orgasm. I'm not sure why.  Both together is always great.  

After all that, I got an actual punishment, for making the bed hastily, messily and at the last minute. It wasn't painful, but it was more horrible than pain. 


  1. "Not the briarpatch!" LOLOL Gotta remember that one...

  2. Great post, KSST. A quick question from your post the other day. I have been exploring the idea of cunt clamps ( not at the clover level, like you ouch!) but starting my submissive out with clothespins for now. having a very hard time finding the right combination. I can usually get one on the hood of her clit, but as far as the lips are concerned- I should probably start with the outer labia? How long should I leave them on? She is fairly secure with nipple clamps for a good period of time, but as sensitive as the nether region is, what would be a good time? Sorry- usually lurk, but I know you are very familiar with this subject, thought I would seek out an experienced sub... Thanks

    1. Having just had the clamps on my lips down there today this is fresh in my mind. For me, the outer lips are the least sensitive, so the best place to start. The inner lips hurt more and the hood where you had them is most painful to me. I guess different women might be different, so try a few in each place and ask her which hurts most. My Master leaves them a few minutes or less (I never time it) and he moves them around a lot. The worst pain is usually taking them off when all the blood rushes in there. I think that's why he likes to take them on and off a lot. But clothes pins are a lot nicer than the clover clamps. Lots of experimenting is fun!

    2. Thanks for the info...Off to the lab for some exploration!

  3. I really like the idea of having a discussion during a munch. One munch I go to, people just come, sit and eat. The leaders do make "rounds", though. Another one I just started going to at least has everyone make introductions, which is helpful. But I think it'd be great if there was a focused talk. I like what you had to say about limits here.

    1. I really love our munches. We have a private room in a closed bar, so we can do demos or talks or just about anything (no fully nude or sex though). It can be intense for first timers, but is also way more fun and educational than just eating dinner together. There are also introductions every time, and then we all go out to dinner afterward for the socializing part. Our munch leader (Mystique) keeps us all on track, although Master and I were promoted to co- leaders some time ago.


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