Thursday, December 29, 2016

Home Again, Home Again!

We have been on vacation for a Christmas visit to see our families, so although part of the time I had computer access, I had minimal time to use it, so I didn't do any vacation blog posts!  I have catching up to do on reading blogs as well.  I hope you all had a good holiday or time off if you don't celebrate any, and had plenty of kinky fun.

We first visited my parents (9 hour drive) and had a lovely Christmas celebration.   Their "tree" is a coat tree on which we hung some paper ornaments me and the kids made because they (my parents) declared they are done with real trees in the house.   
My mom makes the world's best sweet rolls, which we always have for Christmas morning.   My diet was totally out the window all week.  Ah well.

The day after that, we went another 2.5 hours to visit Master's dad, stepmom and all the assorted relatives that gathered there.   We had a really nice time.  Even his brother and some of their kids were there, and we hadn't seen them in a long time.   One of his brother's kids is expecting a baby in two months!  Everyone is excited. 

Master and I managed to find time almost every day for a little quickie or some sexy fun times alone.  Once even in the shower.  We also went on long walks around the neighborhood together.  We had taken dogs with us, so that was one reason, but also to collect some new Pokemon.  It's just really nice to be able to walk outside without the snow and ice.  They live in the south, so it was around 60 degrees on some days.   

My mom decided she loved one of my dogs, so I left him with her.  He is really wasted being with me because he is probably a better cow dog than sheep dog.  I haven't been able to do much with him, but she said he was great on the cows.  We came home with only 5 dogs.   I definitely have space for a puppy next year.    

Last night was the most intense sex in the whole week.  I had been having trouble orgasming on command last week, so Master declared my orgasms strictly reduced and limited.  He either didn't let me come at all or just one time.     After a few days of that, suddenly my orgasm on command was back in working order.  Last night he made me beg to be allowed in bed with him, then he slapped me silly around the head and face, and also strapped my back with the leash.  We didn't take any toys with us, only my night collar and leash, which were used at my parents', where we had our own room, but not at his dad's, where we had to share a room with the kids because of all the extra people in their house.   

On the drive back, we had two cars because Master's dad gave us his old car.  It is really for our son who will be 16 next year, but he can't drive yet of course.  It's a pretty nice one, too.   The thought of him driving gives me palpitations, but I guess one can't keep them little forever. 


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