Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TMI Tuesday: Love

1. Have you ever tested someone’s love for you? What did you do? Did things turn out as you expected or hoped?

No, I don't think that is the right thing to do.
2. Select the answer that best fits your experience. I have dated:
a. all the wrong people
b. romantic companions that were mostly a good fit for me.
c. people that were perfect fits–loves at first sight
d. not all that much, I mainly have had a lot of long term relationships

b. I have had just one Master for a long time, plus a short term relationship, plus some other lusts.
3. Online dating: What is your success rate? What do you consider success?

I don't do that.  I like to meet people in person.  

4. What sexual thing do you do most often that you could commit to doing everyday?

Fantasizing.  I already do that every day and it doesn't take up any time, nor is it against any rule.  Otherwise, I do whatever my Master wants and that could definitely be every day, but isn't always. 
5. What are your thoughts on love and lust?

Lust is felt less deeply, like a pretty leaf on the surface of a stream.  Love is a deep down current running under everything.  You can have both at the same time.
Bonus: Are you searching for love or are you searching for attention?

I like both.  I'm not really searching for either, though.  I already know my Master loves me.  In about 20 minutes I'm going to be searching for my Master's attention under his blankets ;). 

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  1. re Q4: do you ever fantasise about not being tied to your Master (i.e. 'free') or not being a Slave? I guess I'm asking if you have 'straight' fantasies (like how some straight people have 'dark' fantasies) LOL.

    1. That would be my nightmare rather than fantasy. I can't really imagine being without him. As for being vanilla husband and wife, sure, we did that for years and years and I know all about how that was. It's definitely not fantasy fodder. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to just do whatever I want all the time, but it's less of a fantasy and more of a wondering what I actually would do. And then I come right back to the thought that if I could do whatever i wanted I would want to be a slave to my Master. I never have plain old vanilla sex in my fantasy life. It's actually quite a bit more bizarre and perverted than our sex life, sometimes. Or sometimes I just fantasize about things we have already done and i'd like to do again. Like canes.

  2. "Love is a deep down current running under everything"

    Great description - If you get it right that's exactly how it feels


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