Friday, December 30, 2016

Embarrassing Family Moment

It wouldn't really be the holidays if there wasn't at least one acutely  awkward moment with family, right?  

In contrast to my blog, around "vanilla" people, including family, I am extremely demure and proper.  Our families are not the type to tell dirty jokes or spill sexual secrets after a few beers.  Master's family doesn't even have beers as they are teetotalers.  His dad is a Methodist minister, his stepmother is the church secretary (I'm sure there is a more exalted title now; basically she runs things).  She is from Arkansas.  Our kids were learning again to slay "Blam" with two syllables.   The Southern way is "Bla-am".  

They have a large house in southern Missouri with a finished basement that has a guest bedroom with 1 double bed and two twin beds, along with a sitting and TV area, and two bathrooms.  That is where they put us when the other two guest rooms are occupied.

  Master and I got our chance for privacy by taking a shower together.  He had me wash him, he fingered me and kissed me hard, then had me kneel and suck.  He stood me up, bent me over and fucked me.  I held on very quietly to keep from bumping around too much.  It felt so good I never wanted it to end, but of course it had to.   

That part was not embarrassing.  Everyone was off doing different things, and they never noticed.  

Later on that day we were playing a game called "Catchphrase" in which there are teams and you have to get your teammates to guess a word or phrase without telling them what it is.  I was on Master's team with a couple other people.

On Master's turn he looked right at me and said "What we did this morning." I immediately thought of what happened in the shower but didn't want to say it so I guessed, "Shower. Breakfast. Pokemon."  Then he said "What Chef on South Park always says" and then I knew the answer and blurted it out -"Make love".  

There was an instant of stunned silence around the table, I blushed bright red and then everyone was laughing so hard they were nearly falling out of their chairs.   I'm sure they were wondering "What? How? Really? Here?" and all kinds of other things I don't want to speculate about. 

I hoped everyone would forget, but the next night we played the same game again and they were still giggling over that moment. So Master said very seriously "A.. (my name) just wants you all to know that we did not do that yesterday."   

He paused a moment to allow for more suspenseful speculation, then continued "It was more like a rough shag."   

I am amazed that I am not actually and literally dead of embarrassment now.     


  1. He is very cool, your Muster, isn't he ? He rescued the situation and claimed - it's the way I understand it - his responcibility , so there were no longer a reason for you to be embarrasst. A clever chess move. Your husband must be clever and smart - I think, I would like him.

    Michael from Hamburg, Germany

    1. Turning these things into joking around usually works, right?

  2. Hahaha. I would be trying to become one with the floor!


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