Saturday, April 1, 2017


Last night I waited on the floor for Master to come upstairs, as usual, and when he came in and told me to hop in bed I did this, quickly pulling the covers up to my chin as there had been no indication from him that he wanted sex.  

He approached the bed, looming a bit, then jerked the covers down and asked me if I thought we were going to sleep now. 

"I don't know." I peeped out.  

He began by nibbling my thighs and the spot above my pussy.  He bit me there and I jumped and squeaked.

"Did I bite you too hard?" he asked. 


"Suffer, bitch,"  he told me.

He resumed what he was doing, and when he got to the really ticklish spot at the joint of my leg I couldn't take it anymore and pushed his head away.

He stopped and fetched a strap.  "I know how to take some of the wiggle out of this tart," he told me, and tied my hands to the bed above my head.

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