Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Party

Last night we went to a munch/Christmas party which was just a blast.  We hung out with old friends and I also met several people that were brand new to the kink community, which was fun.

I ended up in the basement on a cross while Master and Dr.Peter were beating me, one in front and one behind.  I was wearing a full hood so I couldn't see anything at all. Master had undone my bra and left it hanging in front from my arms, but eventually it started getting in the way of the tit-caning.  When Dr.Peter made a comment about there being too much bra in the way I took my arms out of it and let it fall on the floor.  

"Did I say you could take that off??" I heard this shocked comment from my Master.

Well, no, Master didn't say anything like that.  He ordered me to pick it up and put it on again.   I bent down and was fumbling blindly with my fingers and not finding the bra.  I heard some snickers from the people behind us watching.  I felt my skirt, which was pulled down but still hanging on me.  I felt around under my long skirt, the edge of the cross, the base of the cross, my boots, but I didn't find any bra on the floor.  Master kept hitting my back with the single tail whip as I knelt there searching.  "I can't find it," I think I whimpered.  

I couldn't find it because it wasn't there!  He had swooped in somehow before telling me to pick it up and moved it, so my search was only for his cruel amusement!   And for the people snickering in the background.  

When they were done, Master took off my hood and had me turn around and bow to the onlookers.  He told me I was a good slave. And also a whore.  I buried my face against his chest to hide and he held me close.  



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