Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Gagged and Clamped

I lay back in the bed as Master rummaged through his night stand.

Leather handcuff strap.

Ball gag.  

Extra yum.
Nipple clamps. 

Oh shit.

He tied my hands together in front of me, the put the gag in.  I made sort of a wheezing, whistling sound breathing through it.  He took me and fucked me hard.  He put the clamps on and I held muy breath for a second, breathing out when it didn't seem they were going to be very bad.  He began to pull the chain, though, and that was pretty bad.  He readjusted the clamps right to the tenderest part.  Somehow this was a hundred times worse than the previous way he'd put them on my nipples.  I began to protest, through the gag with a muffled "No, no, no", but he said "Count down from ten for me, then I'll take them off."

In my gagged, not really sounding like I was saying numbers way, I counted down, thinking I was literally dying of painful nipples the whole time.  When I got to one, he did take them off and put them right back on in the slightly less painful way.  
He continued fucking me while pulling back on the chain, then he moved the clamp down to my cunt.  That felt good and painful as he moved in and out of me, tugging and pulling at the clamps.  I came a bunch.

He got done fucking me and it was time to get up and get things done.  


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