Friday, December 15, 2017

Sick and Still Used

I haven't been feeling good all week, with colds that linger or go and come, or change into a different cold, I don't even know.  It's just been a long time since I had any energy.  Monday was especially bad, but since I haven't actually felt good in so long I just kept going with all my normal stuff.  

Monday night I went to bed right after dinner, slept 11.5 hours and woke up at 5 am for the first time with a terrible headache.  I took 4 Ibuprofen, then 3 more, and it dulled it only from sharp ice picks in my eyes to dull ones.  

Master worked all night, and wasn't feeling that great but he got enough sleep that he wasn't that tired either.  So we sat on the couch together cuddling and watching Stranger Things.  He began taking my clothes off, and telling me he planned to use me anyway even though I didn't feel good.  I didn't feel THAT bad anymore.  He had me go upstairs and fetch the nipple clamps.  He put them on until I whined too much, then he readjusted them to be even more painful and told me I wasn't allowed to make a sound.  No whining!  This was difficult.  I made it a few minutes, and then he moved the clamps again, this time I had one on a nipple and the other on my cunt lip.  He told me to go get something from the kitchen, probably another cup of tea, and I hobbled on in there.  It began to be excruciating watching the microwave count down.  I made it back to him with the tea, and he removed the clamps and told me to curl up til the end of the show. 

After the episode was done we went into the kitchen where he watched porn for a while and I was kneeling, totally naked on the floor, sucking his cock.   When he was done with that he pushed me down on all fours on the hardwood kitchen floor and took me from behind.   He fucked me until I was dripping and then told me to go upstairs.  I started to stand, but he ordered sternly, "I didn't tell you to get up.  Crawl all the way."   Through the kitchen, across the dining room (also hard wood), my knees complaining, then up the stairs which was more awkward than I remembered from the days when I used to crawl every where (I had a phase).

Down the hall I crawled, which has carpet like the stairs, but then into our room which is mostly wood with throw rugs.  He asked me if I was hurting yet.  "No, Master, not really".  It was slightly uncomfortable but not terrible, and I was sinking into a very submissive place within myself.  He took out a belt and whacked me across the rear with it.  

Master took me on the bed, making us both satisfied and sleepy, and I was not feeling sick anymore, for a few hours at least!

The miracle of fucking?

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