Friday, July 8, 2016

Asked for Belt

Yesterday morning I was sitting with my coffee when Master came in and pulled me on to the floor.  He unzipped his fly and pushed my head down on himself.   In a few minutes he told me to stand up and bend over the counter.  He took me, just a few quick thrusts, then ordered me to clean him with my mouth.  Master used my hair to dry himself, treating me like a rag (so hot, this!).

 I went and opened the gate for him, all wet, squishy and full of frustrated desire.

It was a long day, keeping busy, waiting for Master to get home.  

Last night we made sweet, sweet love tenderly in each others arms.

Ok, who am I kidding?

He wrapped a belt around my neck (after I said it was currently my fondest wish) and beat me with the end of it while fucking me.

It was so. fucking. hot. 


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  1. I need for BIKSS to read this post.

    sounds awesome!


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