Sunday, July 17, 2016

Intensity of Connection

Sometimes that sexual connection, or scene intensity, is just way over the top.  Friday night was one of those for us. 

 I did all my writing assignments that day, plus one which was private but even more full of complaints than the blog.  After I had written everything out I felt much better, which is one of the purposes of my writing, the other being that it is easier for me to write than to talk.  I was also a bit nervous about what he would think when he read them.

I sucked his cock as he read my journal entries.  I felt apprehensive about what was going to happen next, but he didn't say anything right away.  Instead he took the arrow stick and beat my ass as I continued sucking.  He put me flat on the bed on my stomach and continued the beating. Instead of trying to handle the pain I took it all inside me and hugged it to my breast.  I welcomed it, owned it, cherished it.  It was a good pain.  

Then he sat on top of me, put on hand in the middle of my back and ordered me to get up and get my butt plug in.   I tried to escape while he fucked me from behind, but I couldn't do more than flail my arms and legs uselessly.   Eventually I managed to turn over, but it didn't help me get away.  He had me pinned so I couldn't escape.  He scooted me to the edge of the bed and told me to put my arm down and fall to the floor, see if I could get away. At the same time he gripped my hair tightly so I couldn't squirm out from under him.  

Eventually he let me go and I was able to slide to the floor.  Not trusting my legs, I crawled across the floor to his nightstand and got the plug.  He was following me, so I hurried to grab some lube and shove it in, but it wasn't going easily.  He said he could do it for me.  I pushed harder, but it wouldn't go.  He finally shoved it in for me, and the pain was intense.  He rolled me over and fucked me, and instantly I was on the edge of coming, filled with pain and cock thrusting.

As the pain in my ass began to vanish Master made me look at him as he told me the sweetest things.  I don't think anything has ever been  more amazing than when he told me I'd made all his fantasies come true.  I never knew that. It was so sweet I wanted to cry from all the mushy feelings.  But I didn't, afraid to ruin the mood.  

He made me come once, then a few seconds later I came again without his command.  That is a cock sucking offense!  For "funishment" he pulled out, stood and made me suck him, thrusting into my mouth and using my hair as handles.  I was completely swept away by the euphoria of his roughness.  He pushed me back to the floor, fucked me and told me to come again.  I came so hard the plug shot out across the floor.  Master thought that was excellent! He stopped and told me to get it back in.  It was easy this time. 

Then he was fucking me again. He was on top of me when, with no warning, he spit on my face. I was shocked.  It was unexpected, but hot.  I felt out of body, out of space. He told me to come, called me garbage, dumpster, whore, and spit on me again.  It was the hottest thing I could imagine. 
 I came again.   This was the first time I'd ever been spat on during sex.  There was one other time long ago when we were in the shower.  This was more.

I few minutes later he pulled out and came all over my breasts.  I was one well fucked sticky mess! 

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