Monday, July 18, 2016

Friends, New and Old

Saturday Master and I drove up north to meet a couple we have known only through the internet for several years.  They have a cabin on a gorgeous lake.  Actually, I have really only interacted with the "her" part of the couple, because he's not on there much.  

 It was so much fun!  I'm looking forward to doing more with them, or her, in the future.  There is nothing like meeting people in the flesh, so to speak.  We ate ribs and made s'mores, had some beers, chatted a lot. 

Wednesday I have to go pick up the older kid from the airport again (three hours away).  He's having a great time on vacation with the grandparents. So far they have been to the Midway (ship), the San Diego zoo, the swimming pool and the beach.  So, they are not over packed with activities, but still doing a lot of fun things.

 I have made arrangements to stop and visit, possibly over night, with some friends while I am down there-  Travis and Wolfmoon, as seen in Cast of Characters.  Travis said he'd cook for me, but if I play Pokemon he's going to make fun of me.  

Haha, I might do it just for that reason!

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