Monday, July 4, 2016

The Butt Plug Makes a Reappearance

So yesterday I must have been particularly clueless in my own little world, because I came into the kitchen several times to wash and put away dishes, and never noticed that Master was over at the table wanking and watching porn!  Finally he came to get me from out of the back room and told me we were going upstairs.   

He had me put in the butt plug first. Then he took out some rope and began to tie me.  I closed my eyes and allowed myself to float away as it wrapped tighter and tight around my body, eventually pinning my arms in front of me. 

He threw me down on the bed, and used the flogger on my cunt while I sucked him.  There was a lot of fucking, and about ninety million orgasms (slight exaggeration).  

Then we did it again today!  Today there was no butt plug, and no rope, but he tied my wrists with the leather strap I wear, then looped my leash through that and through my collar so I was tied up tight to the bed.  Heavenly.

I love this stay-cation.  Master has four days off in a row!

We didn't really do anything to celebrate the 4th today, but we had friends over on Saturday for a potluck.  Today Mystique came over early because her little dog Max was having a lot of pain.  Master gave her some pills to give him, so hopefully he'll feel better soon. It is in his neck.  

Then Master and I went for a long walk/jog.  He walks, I have to jog to keep up with him much of the time.  We went over four miles and it was getting pretty hot by the end.    He's been working on his talk for next week, when he agreed to give a presentation to a small munch group about Master/slave relationships.  I think I'm going to have to do "Stupid slave tricks" during it.  I'm not quite sure what that will mean.  

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