Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Trip

We spent our weekend camping, part of it anyway.  

Pluses: getting to spend more time with our good friends. Swimming in the lake.  Making food with everyone together Friday night. 

Minuses: the weather. First it was hot, then it rained.  We bailed on Saturday night and came home rather than sleep in a puddle-tent.  
I love air conditioning.  And dry clothes.

I fell asleep at 9 pm last night, having not slept well in the tent Friday.  Master woke me up to feed my dogs at midnight, then when I came back to bed he fucked me, beat me with the cane, was mean to my poor boobies and then fucked me again and gave me some amazing orgasms.   I sure needed that.

This morning he took me upstairs to be used for a quick fuck that left me wanting more.   A lot more. ;)

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