Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sed Petrus, qui improbissimus erat

 Subtitle: Unexpected Directions
Master came into the room.  I was waiting on the floor.  He ordered me to get into bed and hand him a book of erotica so he could read a story to me while I sucked his cock.
He didn't get more than one sentence out about Father Dirrag, the naughty priest, before he changed his mind:  "I want to do that to you."
He had me get out of bed and kneel leaning over the chaise longue.  
He asked me if I was ready to repent my sins.  I replied, not altogether confidently, "Yes, Master?"
He had the cane in his hand and was soon making me sincerely wish to repent all my sins.
"Close your legs, slut!" he commanded every time my legs shifted around and began to spread.

 He first lectured me in English about sloth, greed and all the rest, and then he switched over to Latin.
In nomine Padre, et Filii, et Spiritus sancti...
He said a bunch of other Latin words that I didn't know after that.
But then I heard:

Sed Petrus, qui improbissimus erat,
usque ad hortum Agricola Gregorii
rectam viam fecit, et sub portam
subluctatus est!
When I recognized the often repeated lines from Peter Rabbit, my whole body began to shake with laughter.  He kept beating me. 
 I kept laughing.  

"Do you find something amusing about my Latin....?" he asked in his Monty Python voice.  

I laughed harder.  

Then he began to chant liks so:

Whack! The end of each line was punctuated on my bottom.
 I continued to giggle despite the pain.

"You need to be more sincerely repentant."  He pulled me down off the chair and pressed my head to the floor with his foot. 

My ass was stinging and the laughter stopped when he got down behind me and took me with a great and painful thrust.  

I'm sure I shall go forth and sin no more (yeah, right!).


  1. I am very impressed with His Latin, I studied it for 3 years and might remember a few years...and of course His creativity...what a fun session! hugs abby

    1. It was soooo fun! His memory for this stuff has always amazed me, as I am one who's never managed to memorize anything beyond a nursery rhyme, even with the greatest effort.

  2. And they say Latin is a dead language!
    HA! we retort.


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