Thursday, November 21, 2013

An Interlude

He catches me in the kitchen, at the sink.  No one is around.  He pulls my hair back, then shoves me down, bent over the sink full of dirty dishes on which I was working.   My hands grip the edge of the sink and my pussy clenches in anticipation.   He's yanked down my jeans without even bothering to unbutton them, and slides a finger under my panties, up to my cunt.   It opens for him, and as he taps it, starts to form wetness there.   He roughly jerks the panties and jeans down farther now, leaving me to stretch toward him and moan at the absence of his touch.  

He is fumbling with his belt now, then his button and zipper.   His leg between mine then, kicking my legs further apart to allow his whole hand between them.  He cups my cunt in his hand a moment, feeling the warmth, the need and desire for him.  Then he gives it a sharp slap and I am on the edge of coming, but he doesn't give the command.  Instead he pushes my head further down and plunges his cock into my drenched hole.  A brief interlude, that's all, and he decides to wait for another time.   Pulling out, he leaves my cunt aching for cock, aching to be filled again.  I feel as if I have become just that hole.  Just that needy, very greedy hole.  
His hole.   


  1. Ugh! I hate that feeling! I am a very greedy cunt myself. That would make me crazy. I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it!

    1. Thanks for reading Betsy, I'm so glad you are enjoying! It does make me a little crazy at times....being teased. But I know I won't have to wait long.


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