Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday Play/ Spanish Lessons

Monday, Master's day off, was a beautiful day, cold outside and just perfect for staying inside and watching movies, with no kids around to hear should I get a little, um, noisy.

We watched for a while, then he let me go get my collar, cuffs and leash.  He had me put the collar and leash on and sit beside him on the couch, leash pulled tight across his lap.   There are few things in my life that equal that feeling.  It's almost embarrassing how much I love it.  

Instead of putting the ankle cuff on me, he began to beat my ass with one, then with both of them.   I held still as long as I could, lying across his lap, then began to wiggle and squirm. 

"Hold still, slave, or I will beat you with the buckle end".  

That sounded much worse.  I held still.

He then led me to the computer and had me sucking his cock for a good long time, stopping or slowing me when he'd get close.   He had a crop in his hand and was using it for "encouragement".  Once he asked me if my jaw was getting tired, and amazingly enough it was not, though my knees were aching and I kept switching positions to relieve that strain (hardwood floors not so good for kneeling).

Later, upstairs, he took me, and then when he was done he beat me again with the crop so long (and I remember asking for more- crazy masochist!) that I sat uncomfortably all the rest of the day.  The hot shower afterward was very stingy! 

In the morning, I thought perhaps a very sore pussy from the cropping it received would prevent more horniness.  Not so!    But he had to leave for work right away, very early.  

Spanish Lessons

 Later on that evening, we were helping our son with his first year Spanish practice, and he's working on conjugating llevar (to wear).

I danced around the room with my hat, saying:

"Yo llevo un sombrero."

I gave the hat to Master:

"Tu llevas un sombrero", I said.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"That would be "usted" to you, chiquita", he said.

"Erm, yes, of course. Usted llevas un sombrero".

How handy of Spanish to have a formal/respectful way of saying he wears a hat.




  1. I teach Italian and love love the formal pronoun - what a cute way for it to appear in your everyday life ava x

  2. Me gusta mucho!!! Que bueno. Deutsch tambien.



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