Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Master surprised me last night by coming home on a night that he usually stays at our friend's place, closer to work.  But he got done early and just really wanted to be home.  

When he called and said he was coming I was glad I had showered/shaved and had cleaned the house for most of the day.  :)  Not that I usually skimp on those things, but, meh, when one doesn't go anywhere or see anyone, sometimes it is easy to skip the things that are not essential for hermits to do.  I was wearing jeans and and old sweatshirt, though, so when he was inbound I changed into a skirt, a different top and put on some make up. 

 I heard him pull in the driveway (the dog warning system works well) and I started reheating his dinner, so when he walked in the door it was all set.   Then I rubbed his back as he ate, and rubbed it some more as he played video games.  He has been sore again, and this was an order, besides being something I was happy to do.

After the kids were in bed we waited a while until they were actually asleep, then he took me upstairs and caned the heck out of me, front and back.  I was a whimpering and sobbing a bit by the time he stopped.  

He rolled on his back and told me to kiss him.   I struggled to roll over as well and get up on my elbows, fogged and whirly as I was from the caning, then made my way to him and kissed him lightly on the lips.   

"What the fuck is that?" he said.

"Umm, you wanted the kisses a couple feet lower?"  I blinked at him.  

He just rolled his eyes at me.  Is that allowed?  I'm pretty sure that is not in the Master manual.  

 I unbuckled his belt and kissed as required.   He beat my ass with the cane at the same time, making it hard to concentrate.  When I lose concentration too much it gets worse on the ass end, so I did the best I could.  

Then there was fucking, and face slapping, and more caning, and lots more fucking... it was just a great time all around.   

Happy surprise indeed for me!  

This morning he got up at 5, and I was up shortly after him to make his breakfast and serve his tea, and happy to do it, smiling like Snow White after the seven dwarves all banged her!  

I haven't looked to see if there were new marks this morning, but my ass, thighs and back were pretty well bruised and whip-striped already from Saturday.   

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