Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kink at the Convenience Store

We are the most vanilla looking of couples.  I don't wear short skirts mostly.  He doesn't wear leather.  When it's cold, the least bit cold, I wear a hefty down parka, as seen in the movie "Fargo".   

Every now and then, our dynamic peeks out anyway. 

Yesterday we were looking at houses for sale and stopped along the way at a convenience store for fuel and drinks.  I spied the candy on sale as we stood in line and asked Master,

"Can we get candy?"

"No."  He said simply at first.

Then he said "Well, I can, but you can't".  

I merely ducked my head in reply.

I could see the woman ahead of us in line figuratively swiveling her ears and glancing back, trying to catch how I was going to reply to this.  


We saw seven places, spread all over the countryside, and there were two that were definite possibilities, but none that said to Master "Must buy it now!"
Sadly enough, I have totally fallen in love with one of the the houses. It didn't help my objectivity that there was a whip hanging on the bedroom wall and swords decorating the dining room walls (nice swords). But even without that, since the decorations obviously don't come with it, the house was beautiful. Old, big, classy, airy, beautiful, hardwood throughout, big built in china cabinets, incredible sitting room with a bay window, barn, mostly fence pasture already.     Master didn't like the kitchen, which was an odd shape.   The garage was not really suitable either. 

 But when one is in love, who cares about little imperfections.

 The problem with the kitchen was that there was a wall between the sink and the stove, for starters.
 I said, "It's not such a far distance to walk back and forth from sink to stove, even with the wall". It is only a little wall.   He said it'll be really inconvenient after about two times. 

When we got home and I made dinner he made me walk around the center of our house (one of those central pillar things between dining room and kitchen) every single time I had to go from sink to stove. Which I would say is a tad farther than just around one wall, and was EXTREMELY inconvenient, especially when carrying pots of water or a big cutting board. So I could kind of see his point. But I LOVED that house. I mean, the Master bedroom closet had a window and enough room for a rocking chair, besides all the places to hang clothes.   But it was mostly the feel of the place that swayed me.  It said "This could be your home.  You would be happy here."  


  1. If the closet is big enough for a roving chair...think of all of the other things it's big enoug for!!!


  2. I'm with ^ SirQsmlb, , my first though was that if it's big enough for a rocking chair, why not a spanking horse instead?

    1. I think it was big enough for that too!

  3. If its not a load bearing wall, it could be removed.

  4. If its not a load bearing wall, it probably could be easily removed!

    1. True, he's just not ready to make an offer on that one, for whatever reasons.


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