Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting Used to Wednesdays

This was a problem I never anticipated having.  

Master is gone mostly during the week, Tuesday to Friday, but he comes home Wednesday night, usually quite late.  Last night he came home when the kids were already in bed, about 9:30.  He also leaves early, about 7:30 am.  

It didn't seem like that should be a problem; it seemed like I could leap into his arms, and then we should be able to spend a nice evening together, the same as every other evening when he's gotten home.   It didn't quite come that easily.  

During the time I'm anticipating him being home soon I feel so intensely excited, but then when he actually walks in the door I feel somewhat nervous and stand-offish, like I don't know what to do with him or how to act.  It takes me a while, just sitting at the table and watching him eat dinner, telling him about my day, before I can get used to the fact that he's right there.    I don't know if he's noticed, since I try to be just as attentive as always.  I feel how short our time together is going to be, and I fear doing or saying some little thing to mess it up. 

Each Wednesday it gets a little less awkward.   Last night, he broke through my caution immediately after dinner by grabbing me and throwing me up against the kitchen sink.  He yanked down my pants, smacked me and rubbed against me for just a minute before letting me get back to what I'd been doing.  In that moment my reserve melted, and the rest of the night everything was clicking just right for us.  

He pulled me around by the hair, was mean to me in all the right pussy-dampening ways, and made me miss most of the show he was watching (Breaking Bad on DVD).   I didn't care about the show, I only wanted him.   I don't know how late we were up, but I got a flogging with the sharpest/stingiest flogger he has, then fucked and used by him in many ways.  

Again this morning. I was woken when he ordered a little sucking and a quickie before we got up, then he smacked my face and told me to go make his breakfast.

After his breakfast and shower, I kept him company as he dressed.  I was handing him things and helping to pack, until he told me to kneel and kiss his feet, which I did with enthusiasm.  He called me names, and though they might sound nasty to other ears, to me they sound like "I love you".     I love you too, Master, and am happy to worship at your feet.   

Thus, I feel like I'm living a fantasy-life this morning.   I know it won't last two days, this dreamy feeling, so I'm enjoying it while I've got it. 

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