Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You're Mine! Claimed and Owned. KOTW: Collaring Ceremonies

We did not have a collaring ceremony.  

 When we first started this neither of us really understood the significance of collars, so the first one I had (and the one I still wear at night or during intensive play) I bought for myself at this little adult novelty (porn 'n' toys) store down south of here.  I was sad when they went out of business because they actually had a decent selection of BDSM gear, unlike most of those places.   

The significance of the collar grew, in my mind, as I learned more, and I began to wish for one that I could wear during the day, as well as at night.   I can't remember exactly when I started wearing the leather collar every single night, or when it became required by him, such that if I forgot for some reason Master would remind me to go put it on.   Like a lot of things, it just kind of crept up on me. 

He had already declared me his slave, and I had joyfully acquiesced, well before I got a collar from him.   It just didn't seem a critical item for slavery to either of us, though I was eventually wishing for one after seeing people on line with collars they could wear 24/7.   

Then for Christmas in 2011 he presented me with this necklace:

and said I could consider it my collar.  
It was the best Christmas present ever!  I was thrilled!

  It was important to him to get one that wouldn't raise any eyebrows among vanillas.  It also happens to be the most expensive thing (not counting my car or my dogs) that I own.    Way, way more costly than my wedding ring or engagement ring. 

Oh, and speaking of ownership.  That is a whole separate topic, but  I do own things as a slave.   Since he owns me, he also owns my  things in an overarching manner, but we both do call them "my" things still.   I know there are many differences of opinion on that subject, but this is how my Master views it, so that is how it is for us. 

He later (months later? I'm not really sure) suggested that we could have a collaring ceremony with all our friends invited, if I wanted.
By then it seemed a little beside the point, so I said I didn't need it. 

Edit to add:  I just realized there is a better picture of my collar at the top of the page.  Derp.  Anyway...

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  1. Beautiful collar. Thanks for sharing.


  2. It is a beautiful collar! It was very sweet of him to give you something beautiful to wear all the time. I've often wished for something like that. :-)

    1. Thank you! I love having something on my neck at all times, for his ownership. I switch back and forth between the night and day collar everyday, but I always have something. Interestingly, no one, none of my vanilla friends or family has asked why I suddenly went from never wearing any jewelry to wearing this one all the time.


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