Sunday, November 3, 2013


I don't know how it happened, but I'm way behind (like a whole week) on relating our kinky sexy fun times.  

 Monday, well, Monday was just a full out awesome time.  He now gets that day off, so we planned simply to have play time and then do errands and work on home projects.   

Because I made no notes and it was almost a week ago, I forget most of what we did, but I do know that it ended up with ass sex and then a shower of the new type ("Why did I never think of this before?" he says).    

It all started when he read this:   

Keep Calm and Take a Shower

Before that our showers together had always included at least equal time under the hot water (oh, how I have wished for dual shower heads and never more so than now).   I should be more accurate.  I was a total hot water hog.   I hate being cold in the shower.  I like the water super hot and he was indulgent enough to let me stand under it way more than my fair share. 

Then he read about how Scott has his showers and he realized we were doing it all wrong (thank you SOOO much, my friend).  So now our showers together are very similar to what kaya described, except that he doesn't make me get out and dry him.  I get to wash myself (ahhhh, hot water!) after he exits the shower.    As cold as it is, it really does do something positive for my head, especially when he makes me kneel with a curt gesture and he warms me up with his very own special "shower".     I just frankly love being subjugated, in whatever form, when it comes from him. 

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