Saturday, November 9, 2013


It is so good to have him home again.   

In the end last night I didn't wait forever.  I spotted some of his ties, clothes hangers and dirty clothes that needed to be taken upstairs and put away so he found me in the bedroom.  It was all very cuddly and sweet until he began trying to remove my nipples by tugging on them.   Then it got HOT.  

But I still had dogs to feed, and the computer had been left on, so back downstairs we went.  As I was shutting down the computer, standing bent over, a perfect target, he approached me with a slotted metal spoon.

"He's not going to... hit... me...with that is he?  Why else would he have a big metal spoon in his hand?"  All this went through my mind quickly.  

Whack! Whack! Whack!  Whackwhackwhackwhack!   Ow, shit, that hurts even through my jeans.   One sore ass later, the computer was off and it was time to head upstairs.  

I waited again while he brushed his teeth; this time I was prostrate on the floor and wearing my fluffy robe.  

He came in, walked around behind me and lifted the back of my robe to expose me.   I waited for the impact but nothing  happened.  I waited some more, again wondering.  Then he ordered me to strip and get into bed.  

We snuggled briefly while he asked about my week, and about my fears and anxieties which have been very bad some days.  

Then he told me he wanted to hear my dirtiest, most disgusting, most embarrassing fantasy.  The one I'd never dared to tell him before.  But I didn't have one that I'd never told him.  So he said I should tell one that he did know, but that I found particularly horrifying.  So I did, but there is NO WAY I'm sharing it here.  
I love that he accepts all the most hidden inner parts of me this way.  

After the fantasy telling, he had me go down under the covers to his cock and worship it.  He pulled me back up to his side by my hair and told me he was going to fuck my ass.  

"Do you want your ass raped, slave?" he asked.  
 "Yes Master", I answered with more than a little tremor to my voice.

He got the lube and stuck in one finger, then two fingers.  Then three fingers.  It all felt so good.  Then he started in with his cock and I shrieked and jumped away, flailing behind stupidly with my arms at him.   

"Lie. Still. Slave."    He was calm and cold now.  There are no questions here.   

"Lie still and take it."

"Yes, Master" I replied in a tiny voice as I went limp.

This time when he went in,  it only hurt for a minute and then I began to feel the massive pleasure waving through my brain, and the rest of my body.

After he was finished we got to the real spooning- cuddly cunt position one- and happy sleep.  

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  1. Glad He's home with you. I miss my fiance like crazy when he isn't here. And, like you, I LOVE spooning & cuddling & falling asleep with him pressed against me.


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