Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zappy Fun Times

I'm feeling very mellow today.  Actually, mellow may not be the right word.  I feel exhausted and yet satisfied.  Run down, a bit sick (fending off a slight cold) and yet happy and content.  

Last night we attended a small party at a home dungeon with some friends.  When I say small, I mean really small.  

    Master tied me up in a body harness, then helped some other doms who were interested in what he was doing but hadn't really done much rope to do the same thing with their girls.   

 He tied me to the cross and beat me, then whipped me with the short whip and a couple of longer whips as well.  I'm all marked up again, just after the last ones had completely faded. (Smiling big here- ooo, pretty marks!)  Meanwhile, we were listening to our friends having fun nearby.   To me this is not distracting, it just adds to the wonderful energy of the scene.  

 At one point he took out a (borrowed) electric flyswatter and started coming at me like he was going to zap my nipples with it.  

I make this way, way too much fun for him because of how much it scares me.  At the same time as I'm trying to hold still, my nipples are running sacred and trying to hide inside my body.   I wasn't actually holding still that well, since he had already untied me.   I was more jumping about and saying "No, no, no, no, please, no!"

Master was getting it closer and closer to my poor bare nipple, saying "Ooooo, this is REALLY going to hurt..."

Our friend paused in the torment of her sub to reassure me "No, it really doesn't hurt that much, besides, you have to press the button first".  

Master laughed and shushed at her, and her sub shushed at her also, to get her to stop ruining Master's mind game.   I was laughing at all of this, but I wasn't any less scared of the zappy thing, because I'd already experienced it (earlier in the evening).  

Even though objectively I knew that it hurt less than a whip or cane to the nipple, my lower brain was still screaming "Electricity! Zappy Thing! Electrocution!  You're going to die! Run away!" 

Master first got me all wet by sucking on the nipple,
"To better conduct the electricity", he said.  

He tapped me with the swatter, without pushing the button, and said "Zzzt, zzzt!"

  I jumped and shrieked just as if he really had zapped me.   I think I also called him a big mean meanie head (or something).    Then he started zapping me for real, first with the not so-painful-side, then with the really zappy ouchie side of the toy.   

Ok, it really didn't hurt all that horribly, but I'm not loving it any more than I was before.   It is still electricity and still scary.

And I'm now thinking of asking if I can buy one for him.    




  1. Interesting idea. An electric fly swatter. I have a little devil which is a very stingy thing that uses electric form AA batteries.


  2. I don't think that I would like this, but maybe I would.
    I like how your perception changed


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