Friday, September 9, 2016

Are Those Your Good Panties?

"Are you wearing good panties?" he asked me on our way home from brunch yesterday.


"When we get home I want you to put on some old worn out ones instead.   And bring me a knife."


I did this, and he had me kneel at his feet at the kitchen table and give him a foot massage.  Sometimes he foot edged over into brushing my pussy.  Then it was pressing rather than just brushing and I started getting wet.  My mind was eager and yet relaxed, not desperate. Not much anyway. 

He had me stand up and he cut the old panties from me.  This is so hot to me, every single time, even when the knife isn't quite sharp  and the fabric is evidently made of kevlar or something.  When they were cut to ribbons he saved them for later and told me to suck his cock.  I did, for a long time while he played a game or watched porn.  I was starting to get achy from kneeling and sucking, and also even more desperate when he told me to go get some things to beat me with.  

What's in the kitchen?  The cutting board (never used for food) and a heavy hickory walking stick.  I brought them to him, and he laid them aside and had me go back to my knees. 

Some minutes later he told me to stand and turn around.  The first few whacks from the cutting board were hard and I was dancing about soon enough.

Then the cane, which was not quite as painful, but very thuddy.

He told me to go get a condom.  Now my brain was swirling, because we rarely use those so I didn't know what was going to happen.  As it turned out, the condom went on the end of the cane, which then went inside me.  I mentioned that this is a thick cane, right?  It was all kinds of hurty deliciousness.

He took me upstairs and continued to fuck me with the cane while I sucked him as I lay on my side in bed.   When he took me I was already sore.  He laid the cane across my neck and pinned me there with it.  I had the best orgasms.  

After he was done we had a shower and he ordered me to kneel.  He pissed on me to mark me as his, face and all.  He spit on me, called me a disgusting whore.   Aaaaahhh, nice. 

That was the day of the second shower time post. 

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