Friday, September 2, 2016

My Life

This week has been busy with school starting, doctors appointments and seemingly never ending back to school nights and school supply shopping.  It just started to settle into routine today, so I haven't written much this week.  My mind has been in too much of a flurry.   Last week we found out our older child has a serious issue, which I won't go into for privacy reasons, but it has taken up most of my emotional energy with worrying.  

The exciting note of the week is that Master bought me a laptop for my birthday.  This is, almost unbelievably, the first computer that I have personally owned (not borrowed from someone else) since my parents sent me off to college with one of those weird old green letter machines that started up with the message "Now draining the water out of the computer to prepare for start up" accompanied by draining noises.  I think my brother might have programmed it. 


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