Monday, September 19, 2016

Saturday Night

Master and I went for a very long drive to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.  We had other plans too, but there was a minor emergency at home and we went straight back home instead.  Everything is ok now, whew.  We missed the play party, but kids come first.

Later that night Master had me alone in our room and told me to grab the dresser.  He did some towel flogging, which is more funny than anything.  I doesn't hurt but it is a warm up.  Then he caned me, which did hurt a lot.  He took out his machete and held it to my throat as I knelt and sucked him.  This is a special kind of a thrill for me, even knowing it won't cut me.  He spanked me with that machete too.  It was really hot, quite painful.

He ordered me into bed and knelt over my face.  His cock went down my throat, and he began vigorously fingering me at the same time.  I came multiple times.  It was intense.  Then he had me over the side of the bed, lying on my back while he fucked my mouth some more.    Finally, he took me. 

Sure, we missed our party, but we don't need that to have a good time together!   

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