Friday, September 2, 2016

KOTW: Hair

His weight was pressing me down into the mattress.  His hand reached around my head, gently at first, kindly, but as his fingers intertwined in the back of my hair his grip became firm.  The grip said "You are mine".  His other hand slapped my cheek.  
"My whore. My cunt. What are you?"  "Your whore Master, your cunt."  He smiled down at me.  

He likes my hair long, and fairly naturally colored.  A few times I have done red, with permission, or a lighter blonde, but no blues or greens or oranges, and definitely not shaved.



  1. This is a kink I can get with. Sir loves long long hair. He hasn't minded crazy dyed colors. Definitely not shaved - I agree!

  2. I don't have long hair but I do love it when he uses my hair to take what he wants


  3. I have longer than normal hair at the moment, I do love how he controls me with it.


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