Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Evil Paddle With Holes on Master's Day Off

Tuesday was Master's day off.  We were sitting in the kitchen with our laptops (I got a laptop of my own! Wheeee!  That was a whole 'nother story of how long between ordering, reordering and receiving it took, and a few problems, but anyway, I will skip all that).

I was trying to answer some post on Fet. and he randomly (as far as I could tell) began calling me names: "Slut.  Fuckhole.  Cocksucker. Whore," and so on.  He made me take off my clothes.   It was really distracting.  I kissed his hand.  And his arm. I wiggled in my seat and groveled at him.   More names.  Eventually I gave up trying to type anything.  He said I could suck his cock since I so obviously wanted to.    He was still typing. 

After a bit he gave me some new orders:  "Go get your butt plug in, some rope, and your other collar."  I ran upstairs for those things, feeling excited and extremely eager.  My cunt lips were already puffy and aching for his touch.  When I had the plug in and got back downstairs, he had me kneel on the floor, my face down, to show him.  Aaaah, now it was dripping.

He tied me with a rope harness and I gave his cock more loving attention, then he bent me over the counter and roughly thrust into my pussy.  Between the ropes and the butt plug it hurt, but in a few minutes that was all good.

He stopped and told me to bring him some things to hit me with.  The large cane wasn't handy so I brought a smaller cane and the cutting board.  It's what we keep in the kitchen. ;)

He caned me hard.  We went upstairs.  There was fucking on the floor on my hands and knees, more sucking, and the evil wooden paddle with the holes in it.  And more fucking on the bed.   I love it.  All of it.  Even the paddle, sorta, at least when it was over I loved it. 



  1. And then Master went off and had an infected cyst surgically removed under local anesthesia. Good times.


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